August 17, 2022
Betting Sites

Best Online Betting Sites in Nigeria

With the growth of the economy and the vast spread of technologies, the online betting scene has emerged rapidly in Nigeria. The craze of online betting or betting, in general, has been growing rapidly with the availability of the Internet and a quick means of earning money.

Africa is growing with the betting industry, and Nigeria is the fastest growing betting market with second-most shares of betting industry into its name.

There are many online betting sites where you can bet on and if you are not sure about which betting site to spend money on, then read this article because I will provide you the list of best online betting sites in Nigeria.

The list of best Online Betting Sites in Nigeria

  1. 1XBet9ja – 1XBet9ja is one of the best of not the best online betting site in Nigeria with fast payout. You can withdraw cash from your 1XBet9ja account in less than 48 hours.

The company offers up to 100 euro on first deposit and many more bonuses for new users. The branches of 1XBet9ja are spread all over Nigeria and Kenya. You can place a bet on any sports game and other virtual games which are still going on.

Various options are available when it comes to deposit and withdrawal. You can even change the currency to others. Go to the website for online assistance as well as an in-depth preview.

  1. MerryBet – MerryBet is a reliable online betting site in Nigeria. People who are passionate about betting on sports events will love this website. They have all the major sports like football z baseball, basketball, and tennis, etc.

MerryBet offers highly competitive odds, and it is authorized and licensed to place bets and pay the winnings based on the sports.

The minimum bet that a person can make in a day is ₦200, and the maximum amount is₦ 2,000,000.

MerryBet also has an application called MerryBet predict where you can get 5% Cashback.

  1. Bet9ja – One of the biggest sports betting site in Nigeria right now. Bet9ja is the trademark of KC Gaming Network communities. It is licensed by the State and authorized to provide sports betting services in Nigeria.

The odds are competitive, and there is live betting in Bet9ja. You can take the advantages of placing bets on First goalscorer, half/full time with high bonus.

Since Bet9ja operates internationally, there are many withdrawal options with payouts which are usually made between 24 to 72 hrs.

  1. Naijabet – Naijabet was launched several years ago under KreativIntegrated Concept. Kreativ Integrated Concept launches Naijabet in partnership with Live Bet International Limited, which is also a well-known betting site.

Naijabet has instant payouts, and there are many ways to place a bet. Bets are usually made on sports events, and some bets are possible to place on Non-Sports events as well, such as weather and reality TV shows.

So these are the best online betting sites in Nigeria.